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Driver Training with Christian Cowie

Unleash Your Potential with Professional Driver Training

Ready to take your go-karting skills to the next level? Join our exclusive driver training program, under the direction of Christian Cowie. Whether you’re an experienced racer or new to the track, our personalised sessions will sharpen your techniques and unleash your true potential. Embrace the thrill of the race and elevate your performance with our professional training at X Karts.

Details and Pricing

Monday to Friday Only

$100 per session (2x 10 minutes track sessions and 3 x 10 minute training session)

Training Breakdown

What to Expect in Your Training Sessions:

Introduction Training Session

Initial discussion about your skills, techniques to apply, and understanding of your goals for the
10-minute track session.

Track Session 1

10-minute track session to practise the recommended techniques.

Feedback Session 1

Discussion about your session, identifying areas for improvement, and making necessary adjustments.

Track Session 2

10-minute track session to practise the recommended adjustments.

Feedback Session 2 - Review

Final review and discussion about the improvements made during the training.

Christian Cowie - A Racing Journey

At just eight years old, Christian Cowie’s passion for racing ignited, and he started his journey behind the go-kart wheel. By 9, he fearlessly entered state championships, showcasing his talent and determination on the track. Christian swiftly rose through the ranks with natural racing instincts and an unwavering drive for excellence, becoming a true racing prodigy.
Christian Cowie’s relentless pursuit of success resulted in multiple victories and triumphs throughout his racing career. He achieved the impressive feat of becoming a 5-time state champion, solidifying his place as one of the top drivers in the region. His exceptional skills and commitment to pushing the limits set him apart from the competition, making him a force to be reckoned with on any track.
As his reputation as a formidable racer grew, Christian Cowie set his sights on international competitions after being accepted as one of 12 racers in the world. He competed in the prestigious Ferrari driver academy in Formula 4 at Sepang in Malaysia, held at the renowned Formula 1 Circuit. Displaying his exceptional talent and composure, he reached the pinnacle of his career as a finalist in this highly competitive and globally acclaimed event
Christian Cowie’s remarkable journey in the racing world has provided him with invaluable experience and expertise. Today, he shares his vast knowledge and skill through our exclusive driver training programme, empowering aspiring racers to elevate their performance and embrace the thrill of the race.

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